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We have significant experience building and scaling data at large companies. But our roots go deep with innovative startups.

If you are looking to build on a solid foundation, we would love to help you.

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Get Up and Running Fast

You get to leverage our experience to make systems and insight happen, fast. We build for reliability and robustness so you can get back to innovating in your domain of expertise.

Cost-Efficient Systems, Built to Scale

Investing in your data doesn't have to be a tradeoff. You can have highly-robust systems that don't cost a fortune. We know how to scale data, but also understand how critical runway is for startups. 

Own and Leverage Your Data

Your data is ultimately an asset, and you don't have to give it away to make use of it. Own your systems, and put them to work for your long-term success.


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Data For Startups is about seeing new projects take off from a data-driven foundation.

As a product-focused founder, a solid bedrock of analytics is critical for virtually every decision we make. The team at Bostata quickly set us up with a modern analytics platform without the third-party lock-in. And we own our own data.

Luke T

Luke T.


Jake's consultation has been fundamental in establishing a big-data strategy for Unstack's cloud-based analytics SaaS platform. His expertise with next-gen petabyte-scale data warehousing and processing solutions is unparalleled in my experience.


Steven M

CTO, Unstack

Bostata helped provide valuable insight and validation on the setup of our data-driven manufacturing framework. The team was dedicated to production-ready code and simple, manageable, elegant solutions. All of which is essential for any startup wanting to actually scale.


Dale T, PhD

Co-founder and CEO, Mytide Therapeutics

The Bostata team completely understands how important it is to a business to have scalable and resilient data processing and analytics pipelines. I've worked with them to build this for a large volume of complex search, transactional, and behavioral data in the travel industry. This enabled the team to quickly gain actionable insights about customer behavior without getting stuck re-running failed data imports.


Tabor W

Head of Engineering, Sortly

FAQ's about Data For Startups

  • What is Data For Startups?

    Data For Startups is a project we started a while ago as an experiment to see how efficient analytics and insight could actually be. 

    We asked ourselves:

    1. How much of our daily work is largely repetitive tasks?
    2. How much of this can be automated?
    3. How many other companies need this knowledge?
    4. What happens when data isn't a priority in a company's formative stages?

    What did we find?...

    A significant amount of our daily tasks are able to be automated but if data isn't prioritized early in a company's life it becomes a major problem later.

    Thus, Data For Startups.

  • Why are you doing this?

    To put it simply: it's funData For Startups scratches an itch that we don't always get to scratch when working at larger companies. Getting analytics stacks off the ground is rewarding for us, and beneficial for you.

  • Do you only offer this for innovative startups?

    No, not at all. We'd love to chat and see what you're up to.

  • Do nonprofits count?

    Yes! Absolutely yes. Making the world a better place is always top of mind.

Put our experience at companies like these to work for yours.

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